PEHT Staff​

Pittsburgh, PA Branch

The Management Team​

Mary C. Burke, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Dr. Burke is a Professor of Psychology at Carlow University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she is the Program Director for the Doctoral Program in Counseling Psychology. Her scholarly interests include minority mental health in the context of oppressive systems, gender based violence, trauma and human trafficking. In 2004 she founded the Project to End Human Trafficking. In this role, Dr. Burke has given over one hundred and fifty talks and trainings about human trafficking both in the United States and abroad and has begun anti-trafficking coalitions in Pennsylvania and Virginia and consulted on the development of coalitions in other regions. In addition, she has spoken to various state and regional elected officials in Pennsylvania and Virginia regarding this issue and has worked on legislation in these states in support of strengthening human trafficking laws. Dr. Burke is a member of the American Psychological Association Task Force on the Trafficking of Women and Girls and is working to advance knowledge about current best practices regarding work with survivors. 


Lynsie Clott​, MPIA

Director of Programs

Anne Rackow, MA

Director of Strategy & Operations

Lynsie Clott oversees and leads all aspects of PEHT’s programs, which include educational outreach and trainings, first response, services coordination, and special projects. She is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring all program activities, as well as, identifying funding opportunities to support and expand programs, and fostering partnerships to enhance program delivery. In addition to co-facilitating the Western PA Human Trafficking Coalition with Anne Rackow and the FBI, Lynsie provides specialized trainings, consultations, and technical assistance to professional organizations and service agencies. Lynsie works as the Program Coordinator for Magee Womancare International and holds a Master's in Human Security Studies from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. In 2011, she interned with La Strada International in Macedonia where she designed prevention programs and provided direct services to child sex trafficked victims.

Anne Rackow directs and oversees the daily operations, strategic planning, fundraising, evaluations, and quality improvement processes at PEHT. She is responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring operational policies, practices, and strategies to enhance the effectiveness of PEHT’s services and expand its reach and overall impact. Anne also provides trainings, presentations, and technical assistance on human trafficking and specialized related topics and co-facilitates the Western PA Human Trafficking Coalition with Lynsie Clott and the local FBI. Anne currently works at the National Center for Juvenile Justice; therefore, she adds a unique perspective on domestic minor sex trafficking and the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Carlow University and her Master’s in Program Planning and Evaluation from Duquesne University. Anne has been with PEHT since January 2009. 

The Legal Team​

Aaron Freudenthal, J.D.

Staff Attorney

Emma Founds, J.D.

Manager of Government Relations & Advocacy

As the Manager of Government Relations and Advocacy for PEHT, Emma conducts educational trainings and workshops to a variety of audiences including local government, legal professionals, universities, and the general public including discussions of human rights, legislative responses, and the legal implication of human trafficking. In her role, Emma advises legal professionals on special protocols and procedures to ensure victim protection throughout the legal process. Emma Founds received a J.D. from the University Pittsburgh School of Law, where she studied International Human Rights Law with a focus on women and children's rights, and became a member of the Pennsylvania Bar in 2011. Prior to joining PEHT, Emma worked for the Allegheny County Family Court, and has interned with a number of public interest law organizations, including the Women's Law Project, Neighborhood Legal Services, and the ACLU.

As a Staff Attorney Aaron Freudenthal provides survivor-centered and trauma-informed direct legal services for trafficked adults and minors that are U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, and foreign nationals. Aaron  develops creative alternative legal strategies to assist trafficked persons. Additionally, he provides outreach and technical training to legal professionals including Continuing Legal Education. Aaron Freudenthal received a J.D. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, where he focused on labor & employment law, civil rights, discrimination, and civil litigation. He was a member of the University of Pittsburgh’s National Mock Trial team in 2011-2013 and became a member of the Pennsylvania Bar in 2013. Previous legal internships were with the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights and Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services.

Judy Hale Reed, MPA, JD

Staff Attorney & Special Projects Coordinator

Judy Hale Reed leads special projects and provides legal support and legislative advocacy for the Project to End Human Trafficking. She has worked to improve women’s and children’s lives for nearly two decades, with an emphasis for the past ten years on policy-level work to promote partnerships and cooperation in combating trafficking in persons. Judy is active with the Southwest Pennsylvania Anti-Trafficking Coalition and frequently gives lectures and presentations on human trafficking, gender equality, international human rights, and related topics. She also serves on the Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Committee of the Pennsylvania Interbranch Commission for Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Fairness in the judiciary. Judy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Women’s Studies, a Master’s of Public Administration, and a Juris Doctor degree with a concentration in international and comparative law. She completed legal internships with the Women’s Law Project, the U.S. Attorney’s Office Criminal Division in the Civil Rights, Exploitation & Corruption Section, as well as a Civil Rights Clinic. She was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in 2014.

The Supporting Staff​

Kate Vandeveld

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Jennifer J. Redfield, B.A.

Special Projects Coordinator

As a marketing consultant for non-profits and social enterprises, Kate brings her marketing expertise to the PEHT team, working to increase awareness of PEHT's mission and build on its development strategy. After graduating from Wellesley College with a degree in Political Science and French, Kate moved to Malawi to live and work at an orphanage run by Go! Malawi, a non-profit organization whose mission is to fund, care for and enrich the lives of impoverished women and children in Malawi. Kate also spent her time in Malawi doing research to help her team get funding for new HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment programs in development. Kate also worked in the Terrorism / Counterterrorism division at Human Rights Watch, helping to develop digital awareness campaigns. Kate is passionate about human rights and is committed to using her skills to create positive change in our world.

Jennifer holds a B.A. from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jennifer’s dedication to local and global humanitarian efforts includes education, activism, research, mentoring, and volunteering. Her work to eradicate human trafficking/modern slavery began with in 2003 with personal research which led her to become part of the PEHT staff in 2006. Since that time, Jennifer's work with PEHT included the titles of Volunteer Coordinator and Associate Director. Currently, Jennifer's role with PEHT is as a Special Projects Coordinator. Her present focus is raising funds towards housing for HT survivors.

Maranie R. Staab

Special Projects Volunteer &


Diana Fletcher

Fundraising & Special Events Coorindator

Diana Fletcher volunteers her time in coordinating fundraising and other special events for PEHT. She became involved in the fight against human trafficking after learning about its prevalence, globally and locally. Diana hosted a fundraising event for PEHT and Polaris Project in 2013, "Close to Home," at Carlow University in Pittsburgh, PA to raise awareness and funds for victims and survivors. In addition to volunteering her time to PEHT, Diana Fletcher is a professional life coach, author, and inspirational speaker. Diana continues to use her writing and speaking to raise awareness and encourage others to get involved.

Maranie is a Pittsburgh based, social documentary and travel photographer and currently serves as the staff photographer with The Project to End Human Trafficking. Maranie is passionate about both photography and human rights and looks forward to raising awareness through images and words. Her anti-trafficking efforts began in 2009 while an undergraduate student at Coastal Carolina University; there she worked with the local coalition as an intern researching grant opportunities, lobbying legislators and doing outreach. After moving back to Pittsburgh in 2011, Maranie became involved with PEHT through the Western PA Trafficking Coalition as a volunteer. In 2014 she joined PEHT’s team as a special projects volunteer and as a photographer.  

Maggie Loya


Emily Atheson

Maggie is a junior management and psychology major at Saint Vincent College, set to graduate in 2016. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans to continue on to graduate school and then begin a clinical psychology or human resources career. Maggie moved to Pennsylvania from Saint Augustine, FL to attend Saint Vincent. She first learned about the issue of modern slavery during her employment with GoFish Clothing & Jewelry Co., a Saint Augustine-based company that promotes fair trade and sells retail goods from artisans in developing countries.


Maggie helps prevent and combat human trafficking through her internship with PEHT and by organizing an annual trafficking awareness event at Saint Vincent. As an intern, Maggie will continue to build on her interests and strengths in special event planning, fundraising, community outreach and general awareness projects, as well as assist PEHT with general operations. 

Emily joined the PEHT volunteer team in Fall 2014 after she travelled to Uganda where she had the opportunity to collaborate with our PEHT Uganda branch raising awareness of human trafficking in Mokono and other rural villages. Since her travels, she has realized her passion in helping those exposed to trafficking. Emily graduated in 2010 from Thiel College where she studied Fine/ Commercial Arts. During her undergraduate studies, she independently researched and found interest in educating herself on child trafficking. She has used her art skills to compose works displaying the literal and emotional effects of trafficking on an individual. 

Washington, D.C. Branch​

Giovanna Hernandez Williams B.S.

Director - Maryland, Washington D.C. 

Giovanna is currently working on a dual masters degree in Management with a focus on Health Care Administration and Business Administration at the University of Maryland. She earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice and an Associates degree in Forensic Science. She has a diverse portfolio of experience and managing projects in various communities, agencies, and national organizations in the areas of human rights, policy/public health awareness, consumer product safety, and research. Giovanna's work with PEHT began in 2008 as a volunteer. Her effort with PEHT includes planning, fundraising, educational outreach and lectures to raise awareness, and provision of internship/mentoring programs. Her commitment is to empower those who are in need and hurting. Her passion is to fight for human rights around the globe.

Mukono, Uganda Branch​

Nansumba Rebecca

Co-Director - Uganda

Pr. Fred Muyimbwa

Chairperson - Uganda

Nansumba Rebecca is a Co-director of the Project to End Human Trafficking Uganda brancht in the Mukono District. In this role Nansumba Rebecca leads a team of volunteers who are mainly residents of Mukono District.

Before joining PEHT in 2013, Nansumba Rebecca volunteered as a senior woman teacher in Daniel Primary School in academic year 2011-August 2012. In this role, her primary tasks included educating young girls and their parents on the importance of educating girls, how to avoid early pregnancies, marriages, and working with the Local Council 1 to fight for these young girls’ right to education.


Nansumba Rebecca is currently a student at Africa University in Zimbabwe in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences where she is working toward a Bachelor of Social Science in Sociology. To contact Nansumba Rebecca please email:

Pastor Fred Muyimbwa serves as the chairman of the Project to End Human Trafficking Uganda branch, working with Nansumba Rebecca. He  is also the Pastor for Bread of Life church, a United Methodist Church in Mukono District. For the past 20 years, he has been planting churches, 5 of which are in Uganda.


Pr. Muyimbaw's has witnessed how how women and girls suffer in Uganda. They work tirelessly to provide food, education, shelter, and clothing to their family. Sadly, many women and girls are violated or abandoned by their husband and are responsible for rearing and providing for their children. During their struggle to sustain their families, women and girls are vulnerable to human trafficking recruiters who make false promises of emmployment opportunities.


He believes that PEHT- Uganda can assist women and girls through prevention awareness and victim protection services as well as address the root causes of trafficking in Uganda.

Robinah Namale

Department of Children Manager - Uganda

Brenda Naabawesi

Women's Department Manager - Uganda

Namale Robinah joined the PEHT- Uganda branch as the Department of Children Manager. Her passion and commitment to a bright future for all the children is evident and exhibited through her role as a teacher and devotion to numerous positions and activities. Robinah is the Director and Head teacher of Daniel  Primary School Jinja, Uganda. She also serves as a leader of the women’s group in Bread of Life, United Methodist church in Mukono.

Brenda Naabawesi is a mother of three and the Women's Departpment Manager of PEHT- Uganda. She is also the assistant of a local women’s group.

Past PEHT Staff​

Mina Chen

Social Media & Campus Outreach Intern Pitt Campus

Jaime Evanoski, MID

Assistant Director

Jaime holds a masters degree in International Development with a focus on human security which she earned at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. She received her B.A in Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh and holds a certification in Russian and Eastern European Studies and in Conflict Studies. Jaime’s work with PEHT began as an internship in the fall of 2007. Her work included planning, fundraising, educational outreach, and lectures. Jaime is also part of the Coalition. She is dedicated to fighting for human rights and social justice around the world.

As PEHT's Social Media and Campus Outreach Intern, Jiang-Ying Mina Chen, coordinates PEHT's social media sites and manages our media accounts and output, including Facebook. Mina is an Urban Studies major at the University of Pittsburgh. Her passion for social justice is realized in her dedication and leadership in various human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International’s chapter at the University of Pittsburgh. Her commitment to the anti-trafficking movement and her on campus activism, is why Mina is successful in coordinating PEHT's outreach activities with local universities.